We provide classroom and hands-on training to individuals with disabilities to prepare them for employment in jobs working directly or indirectly with dogs in the community, including at Paws Abilities’ future site. Our skills programs help individuals identify areas of interest and vocational aptitude with the goal of placing them in a job that leverages their interests and skill sets working either directly with dogs or indirectly in a dog-friendly setting.

Animal Care Workshops

This course provides students training in basic animal care, such as preventive care and disease control, safety, nutrition, exercise, and hygiene.

Pet First Aid & CPR Class

This course provides students training in restraining and muzzling, assessment, wound care, choking protocols, and rescue breathing.

Homemade Dog Treats Cooking Class

This course teaches students to cook, package, market, and sell homemade dog treats, as a healthier and less expensive alternative for pet owners.

Restaurant & Hospitality Workshop

This course provides training in customer service skills, including greeting and seating, taking orders, serving food, handling complaints, clearing the table, and presenting the bill.

Food Hygiene & Safety

This course provides training in the basic principles of food handling, food storage, maintaining clean food preparation areas, and personal hygiene.

Manufacturing Animal Accessories & Gifts

This course provides students an opportunity to make animal themed accessories and gifts.  Students will learn about various materials, textiles, colors, patterns, merchandising, and packaging.